The heritage of Oceanic Bodywork

Kaya & Nirvano have met and have implemented their knowledge and experiences, giving their first course of massage on land: the Hawaiian Healing Massage.


The work comes to a completion

Kaya & Nirvano test in water
some manipulations that normally
they perform on land and realize that the effect
is unexpected. They spend hundreds of hours
in water to develop
and test a new technique.


First course in water

In the pool of the Acquatic Club in Paradiso (Switzerland), Kaya & Nirvano give the first course in water, calling the technique Oceanic Aqua Balancing. The work on land continues.


Presentation footage

In Australia, Kaya & Nirvano shoot
a promotional video
to show the Oceanic Aqua Balancing:
Kaya remains in Australia,
Nirvano returns to Europe.



The activity expands

Oceanic Aqua Balancing expands to Italy and Germany, too, where it arrives to the Toskana thermes of Bad Sulza. It also changes its name in Aqua Wellness.


The name changes

Aqua Wellness continues to growth in Europe
and leaves for Asia and the Americas.
Luigi joins Nirvano in promotion and teaching.
The name is changed again
and its trademark is registered.


Work on land, too

It comes to a completion thanks to Nirvano and changes its name in Oceanic Bodywork Fire & Earth.


The Oceanic Bodywork Institute is established and the professional training starts

Art. 1 The 31st of August 2005 the OCEANIC BODYWORK Institute is established with offices in Tesserete, via Pietro Nobile 31. The Institute is apolitic, nondenominational, ruled according to Article 60 and following of the Swiss Civilian Code (SCC) The members of the Institute are responsible for the attainment of the social aim and to cope with the debts limited to the social quotas, which are fixed annually by the members’ meeting.

Art. 2 The aim of this Institute is to provide the training for a Holistic Operator. This goal will be accomplished providing courses for learning the technique Oceanic Bodywork Aqua, Oceanic Bodywork Earth & Fire and other similar techniques, a basic study of the human being that comprises psychology, physiology, anatomy, pathology, and several paths of personal research, development and growth. The Institute promotes all of the activities related to water in particular and to the wellness of the human being at every level, whether they are preventive, curative, sport-related or recreational.


New trainers

OBA evolves constantly and activates the teacher’s training, with the first Italian and German teachers, the family expands.


Kaya leaves us

The 13th of April 2014 Kaya passes
away in Germany.
It will always be in our hearts.


We celebrate the 25th OBA anniversary!!!

At the Thermes of Riolo, the 10th and the 11th of October 2015 the 25th anniversary of Oceanic Bodywork Aqua was celebrated. More than 80 bodyworkers and students from different countries celebrated Nirvano and commemorated Kaya for the beautiful work they have offered to everyone. A big party and deep moments together in water cheered the event.


The training deepens

The first OB national Associations start.
The competencies of the 2 professional trainings,
OBA and OBF&E are defined.