Oceanic Bodywork is the registered ® trademark of the three bodywork methods developed at the end of the 80’s by Kaya Femerling and Nirvano Martina Schulz: OB Fire & Earth, OBAir and OBA.

Through the Institute, it defines the professional training of the three methods of holistic approach to the human being and the competencies of the professional figures.

It structures the technical training courses and forms the trainers of these courses. It collaborates with the various National Associations for the professional training of the students. It is the last appeal body for ethical and deontological questions.

Organizational Chart

Nirvano Martina Schulz:
Founder and Honorary Member.
Luigi Cappellini:
President of the Institute. Head of Education of the OBA.
Dr. Med.Peter Ternes:
Vice-president of the Istitute. Head of Education of the OBF&T.
Loana Soldini:
Board of Arbitrators:
Dr. Stefano Suban: