Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua is a form of deeply-relaxing bodywork that takes place in a pool of warm water (35°). It combines elements of gentle movements of stretching, of massage of deep tissues, joint releases, with an energetic work and on the breath in a unique way, above and below the water surface. Specifically studied movements allow to the whole spine to move smoothly and to the energy to flow again in a fluid way. The extent of the movements of the joints will become wider and the whole body will be able to move in the water in a new way thanks to the absence of weight. The perception of one’s own body (proprioception) will change and it will be possible to perceive it with increasing awareness. This form of aquatic work invites to know the healing energies of water in a wholly new way. Chronic physical pains as well as emotional tensions could dissolve. Specific positions may allow you to remember what you were feeling when you were hold in arms as a child or how you felt in your mother’s womb. A session starts with a phase of relaxation and massage on the water surface, also with the support of floating devices. Your masseur (bodyworker) will support you, he will make you do stretching movements, he will massage, rotate and make you rock in a smooth and effortless way. When you are deeply relaxed and ready for this step, the phase below the water surface will start. You will receive a soft nose clip while you are gently made submerge yourself. Now a gentle dance of the body underwater starts. A smooth play of undulating and rotating movements develops between »the person that gives« and »that who receives«. Your respiratory rhythm and that of your bodyworker will harmonize and they will become a natural energetic flow, an intuitive dialogue.

At the end of the session you will be supported in a protective way; here you will have the time to integrate the feelings “that have come to surface” during the session. Childhood memory may reemerge, simply because you are in a protected space, fluctuating in warm water. Feelings of deep connection with the whole universe may be experienced. An OBA section nourishes the soul and allows you again to trust at a deep level of what you are. It is a journey back to your roots, in the blue, endless depths of your inner ocean. You can submerge yourself in the wonderful world of memories of when you were fluctuating weightless in the protective womb of your mother. When you receive Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua you go back to that space where you were surrounded by soft warm liquid; an invitation to experience again the nourishing qualities of being held in arms and loved, rediscovering trust and peace within you, a feeling of “returning home”. Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua is one of the most sensitive and gentle methods among the techniques in water that can guide you through states of absolute peace and deep relaxation, feelings of joy, wellness, lightness of the being, celebration and ecstasy. You open yourself to a limitless, inner space, where you can simply be yourself. Your senses are heightened and your body will begin to relax and open up, your own natural energy will flow again in the water and with the water. In addition to working on the body in water, Oceanic Bodywork ® Aqua is enriched by the connection with »the spirit of the dolphin and the whale«. The wisdom and inspiration of these aquatic friends will give you the opportunity to rediscover your inner child, your innocence and sensibility. Our dolphin friends want to remind us of the original flowing into the body in a playful way. The training is offered with 5 technical courses for a total of 215 hours. For the professional training, the practice and supplementary courses offered by the national associations must be added.